14 July 2011

For A Fallen Public Servant

Some may not have been paying attention to the night I was updating about an officer being shot in downtown Memphis.

The story was that earlier in the evening, several men were at a family reunion on Beale Street when things turned violent, a man was assaulting his wife, and her ex-husband stepped in to intervene. The assaulter, went back to his hotel room and retrieved a pistol and shot the man dead when he returned to the hotel later that evening. The 911 call went out, and Officer Timothy Warren responded. As he made his way up the stairs, he was ambushed by the suspect, sustaining a later fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Officer Warren left behind a wife and two young girls.

We often ask how can we help in these times, or what can we do. Someone provided an answer.
My friend Angie and her daughters were so impressed by the life of Officer Warren that they started a way to raise a little money for the Warren family in their time of need, and I felt hat it needed to be spread across the internet.

Officer Warren was a man living in two worlds. The toughness of being a police officer and the kind heartedness of ministry. MotorCop blogged on this already so I'll spare you a repeat, but it is important that we do something, we would want someone to do the same for us.

So I invite you to make a small donation to Girls in Pink Supporting Boys in Blue. They are selling T-shirts with proceeds to go to the Warren family.


Here are the details:
  1. Go to Paypal.com
  2. Log in, or send money without logging in
  3. Enter in the PayPal ID: GIPSBIN@yahoo.com
  4. Enter your:
  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • Shirt sizes and color (pink or black)
The shirts are $15/each +$5.50 shipping (max order of 2 right now)

They have sold nearly 500 so far and are starting a second batch soon, so get yours on this next order and send a few dollars to a needy family. We could all use the good karma these days.

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